Best Camera Backpack for Airline Travel

I was looking for a camera backpack for travel. I needed a Camera backpack for airline travel. I researched a lot of bags. It had to fit in an airplane overhead. It had to have space for multiple camera bodies and lenses, and also hold a laptop, tablet, and headphones. I also wanted some external pockets. One for easy access to my headphones so I could listen to music or movies on a plane. I wanted a couple of smaller pockets to hold my passport and cell phone. I use the airline app on my phone for my boarding pass. So I have to have my phone out going through security but need a pocket to put it in before the bag goes through the x-ray machine.

Travel Camera Bag Requiremennts

I finally settled on a backpack style bag. With camera equipment and a laptop and a tablet, it was going to be heavy. If you have to change planes, you could be walking a long way through the airports.

I chose the Vanguard Alta Rise 48 backpack. It’s not too big, but big enough to hold everything I wanted to bring on the trip.

Vanguard Alta Rise 48

I had a lot of equipment to put in this bag. A Nikon digital SLR camera with multiple extra lenses. A Panasonic Lumix compact camera. A laptop, tablet and headphones. Chargers for cameras, phones, tablets and laptops.

Devices to Pack
Everything that goes in the bag
Alta Rise 48 Inside View
View of the Inside
Vanguard Backpack
View of inside packed
Vanguard Backpack
Top Compartment holds Camera with lens attached
Monopod Attached

Here’s a youtube video showing the backpack being packed.

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